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Name:Lip Gallagher
Birthdate:Mar 2
Location:Chicago, Illinois, United States of America

Phillip "Lip" Gallagher
Phillip Ronan Gallagher, primarily known as Lip, is the second-eldest Gallagher child and the most academic. He is a straight A student with a 4.6 GPA, IQ of 200, and great mechanical skills, but deliberately wastes nearly all his time. He uses his intelligence in various odd jobs to make money, such as running an ice cream truck in the summer that sells beer and marijuana, or taking the SATs for fellow students (often scoring a perfect 2400). Despite his above average intelligence, he is not considered responsible, and is frequently shown smoking cigarettes, using marijuana, having unprotected sex and drinking alcohol.

Unlike his other siblings, Lip has a juvenile prison record; Ian has been his accomplice several times, but Lip always covers for him because Ian wants to enter West Point. Lip has a highly cynical personality and is unrestrained in his criticism of almost anything, which often gets him into trouble. He also has a history of unstable relationships- two years of off-again-on-again dysfunction with Karen Jackson, and then a little over a year with Mandy Milkovitch which had her carrying most of the effort (and realizing that it was not going to last, since Lip was always hung up on Karen). Lip often gets into fights, sometimes arranged for money, but generally does not care if he wins or loses; he has streetfighting skills but is not physically fit like Ian, and his provoking attitude gets him beaten up frequently. Lip is dedicated and protective of his younger siblings, but his pessimistic worldview- always assuming the worst outcome is inevitable- causes him to clash with Fiona's attempts to better their situation. All the same, he is grateful to his older sister for the years she spent raising all of them. Lip and Ian (later revealed to be only their half-brother) are very close, and often give each other relationship or career advice (though on two occasions this resulted in fistfights).

During the episode Just Like the Pilgrims Intended it is revealed he is not the father of Karen's baby as was assumed. During the last episode of Season 2, Fiona Interrupted, he finally leaves Karen and moves back to the Gallagher house after receiving some advice from Mandy, and Karen decides to leave home, despite Lip telling her she will regret the decision. Steve/Jimmy eventually kicks him out, so he moves in with Mandy for a while.

In Season 3's May I Trim Your Hedges, which is actually a line said in the episode by Lip, a child rapist was found living 3 blocks away. This comes shortly after Debbie saw a man on a bus masturbating and Fiona turned around and scared him off by yelling at him to get off the bus and even throwing a can of food. Fiona apologizes to Debbie, saying she should not have had to see that. The Milkoviches decide this child pedophile stuff is hitting too close to home, and Lip offers to help. When the rapist is confronted, they find that the rapist is a woman. Her name is Blake. The Milkoviches say that cannot beat up a woman, so they end up leaving her alone. Lip is still determined to expose Blake and pretends to be a 15 year old. He gets his in by going back to her house and saying he is trying to earn some extra money for the summer and offers to trim her hedges. He is exposed to Blake's sexual ways and takes a picture with his phone for evidence.

Since around the beginning of Season 3, Lip has been in a relationship with Mandy Milkovich. Lip and Mandy have had their rough patches however, with Mandy saying she felt like Lip treated her like a tool. After some sharp advice from Ian (who, along with Debbie, believes Lip has been moping over Karen for too long), Lip realizes maybe Mandy is not so bad after all, seeing as how she does many good things for him and his family, making food for the kids, offering to watch Liam, even sending out college applications, though to Lip's disapproval. Lip sends Karen a final message, berating her for her selfishness. However, when Karen comes back Lip decides to see her again, and realizes he is still in love with her. Karen's appearance makes Mandy quite upset, and even more so when she finds out Lip had sex with Karen again. On top of this, Lip becomes upset that Mandy has been filling out and sending college applications for him behind his back; Mandy reacts with disdain, later telling Ian she will not let Lip fuck up his life the way Mickey did his. When she later demands that Lip at least say thank you for all the effort she put herself through- for the applications alone- they have wild sex. Afterwards, Lip asks her why she applied for colleges so far away; Mandy states that she sometimes wished he would take her with him, but she really just wanted him to be able to get out of the South Side, because she felt he deserved to. Lip is touched by this.

Later, Lip goes to Karen's and tells her he chose Mandy over Karen, saying Mandy is good for him and she is not . This makes Karen upset and she calls Mandy to tell her she is going to have sex with Lip using a ripped condom so she can make him do what she wants again. This of course sets Mandy off and she is determined to get Karen out of the picture in any way she can. Mandy sends a text to Karen, with Lip's phone, and pretending to be Lip, asks to meet in the park. Karen excitedly leaves for the park, thinking Lip is wanting to tell her he wants to be with her again, only Mandy is waiting there for her to run her over with her car. Karen ends up in a coma and is put in the hospital. Lip is completely shaken by the incident. He visits Karen in the hospital and absent-mindedly wonders why Karen was even out so late at the park. Sheila tells him she was only responding to a text that he had sent. Lip knows he did not send a text to Karen that night, so he begins to investigate. While on the bus headed home from the hospital, he ponders and looks at the phone and decides it must have been Mandy who sent the text. He doesn't confront her however, he just starts to refuse sex with her. He goes to Kevin for some advice. Kevin tells him it is a good idea not to have sex with Mandy, or in Kevin's words "bone", saying that is how a woman gets control over a man. This advice is possibly due to Kevin's experience with his ex wife Cheryl.

The advice fails and Lip calls Kevin on his phone after an attempt Mandy makes, and succeeds, to bone Lip. He visits Karen again after she wakes up from her coma and is released from the hospital. Lip tries to tell Karen that Mandy was the one who ran her over with her car, only Karen, being in the state she is in with mild brain damage does not seem to get bothered by it. Lip then goes to Mickey's wedding and angrily breaks up with Mandy, confronting her role in crippling Karen. Mandy reacts by claiming indifference revealing she gave a blow job to another guy, trying to make Lip jealous. Then a drunken Ian tries to call out Mickey and his whore, and a surprised Lip asks Ian what he was doing there, since he told him not to come. The two leave, with Ian throwing up along the way home.

Lip thinks little of his graduation, even though Fiona tells him that it is a big deal, seeing as how he would be the first Gallagher to get their diploma. Despite this, he tries blowing off his last few weeks of school and tests, even going so far as hanging out with Frank. The two have a steak dinner, get drunk and go ice skating. However, Lip feels a little sick, possibly from drinking so much. Frank tells him that a Gallagher does not throw up, although Lip does anyway. Then immediately Frank throws up blood and a security guard tries to kick them out. The security guard then stops and asks if Frank's okay. Frank is passed out and unresponsive and is taken to the hospital. At the hospital Fiona tells Lips to sleep off his drunkenness. Lip goes home and wakes up the next day. A few days later, Lip visits Mandy. The two seem calm after the break up. He tells Mandy that he has decided to enrol in MIT and thanks her, since she was the one who sent in the applications for him. Mandy asks if he wants to go. He raises his hand, as if he did not know. Mandy only watches him as he leaves.

In season 4, Lip is seen having difficulty adjusting to life at college, especially after he is forced to take over from Fiona as head of the family. He slowly gets his act together however, and is allowed to keep his scholarship, with some help from his roommate's girlfriend.

Muse is Lip Gallagher from Shameless. Shameless and Lip belong to Showtime and Warner Bros. He is played by actor, Jeremy Allen White. Journal is for RP and muse purposes only, and has no affiliation to any of the above. Lip's profile information is sourced from shameless wikia.

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